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OlgunCelik Respect for Nature

OlgunCelik considers the protection of the environment and their employees from the possible effects of all their operations as one of its primary duties, and carries out production by respecting the nature. In addition to the environmental international standards it has, OlgunCelik continuously works for new methods with the support of international funds to ensure the efficiency, environment friendly utilization of natural resources and energy.

Respect for Human

Occupational health and safety of all our employees is Olguncelik’s primary concern. OlgunCelik sees each of its employees as an asset and actively develop strategies and policies to help them improve themselves and the quality of their work continuously. Human Resources department produces long-term HR strategies to ensure that all these efforts support the realization of the mission and the vision of the company. As a responsible corporate citizen, OlgunCelik directly contributes to aid programs in partnership with educational institutions in its region and encourages its employees to actively participate in social responsibility projects.

DNA of OlgunCelik
OlgunCelik OlgunCelik calls the fundamental values that are part of its organization, Quality, Reliability, Responsive Customer service, Just-in time delivery and wide product portfolio as its DNA. It continuously develops new strategies to improve its own awareness and strengthen its DNA. OlgunCelik always bases its actions after considering the following questions What do our clients expect from an automotive industry supplier?, How can we differentiate OlgunCelik from our competitors for the benefit of our customers and Why OlgunCelik?.

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Lean Organization System
OlgunCelik OlgunCelik signed a long-term contract at the start of 2010 with Lean Enterprise Institute, an international consulting and training organization. Regular lean organization trainings are provided to employees at every level, from top-tier management to blue-collar workers. As a result of this program, the most important customer values are identified with Lean Enterprise experts and OlgunCelik’s own Value Streams were established that are going to satisfy customer values, eliminate waste and improve productivity.

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Social Responsibility
OlgunCelik One of the strongest establishments in the automotive sub-industry, we at OlgunCelik believe that we should further increase our industrial and technological strength and experience by generating projects that add value to society.
To this aim, as a reflection of the value it gives to humbleness and respect for people and the environment, the global brand OlgunCelik accepts that operating with awareness of social responsibility in all its activities is a fundamental aspect of its work ethics, and each employee at OlgunCelik tries to fulfill their social responsibilities as individuals with this awareness.

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